Time vs. Good, Better, Best.

The modern, dedicated-Christian, fiction writer’s dilemma, is actually acutely painful to me; how do I write something, a story, that is not simply a distraction from what really matters? Or can I?

You see… there is only so much time in the day, and only so much a person can read or consume in media during the day.  The question now is beyond ‘good’ and ‘bad’.  Now, due to the time constraints and the very enabling powers that mankind has sought for through all the ages which we have now, the simply title of ‘good’ no longer is justification, but can be a distraction from ‘better’, and even ‘best’.   In effect, the question must be asked, ‘does doing ‘good’ instead of ‘best’ qualify as ‘evil’?

Don’t get me wrong, there is plenty of evil and bad in the world today, heaven knows that there is. In fact, I contend that there is likely a near equal proportion of evil and good.  I believe that there must be, for mankind to have the option to choose.  I don’t believe that there is a same amount, or even the same severity or power; I refuse to believe for an instant that hell can match anything coming from God. However, I do believe that there is an equal representation, in proportion to each other.  Hence, the world feels full of evil, while there are such intense bright spots all around.   In honesty, I think there is much more good than evil, but that through the media and life we are constantly shown the bad, and not the good… but that’s another discussion…

So, the question remains: ‘Is simply doing good, due to the time restrictions we all have, (only 24 hours in a day, etc.), instead of doing best, constitute ‘evil’?   The ‘best’ thing, I define as what is necessary to progress light and truth in the world and in life.  We all have things that must be done in order to come to Christ, and to help others. Sure, it is a good thing to spend time doing ‘x’, but if it isn’t the best thing to do with your time at the moment, is it a bad thing to do ‘x’ instead? 

Now, I don’t consider my fiction work wonderful, particularly insightful, or even ‘epic’.  All I could accomplish is a pale commentary to the real story, the true story that really matters, the Gospel.  When confronted with it, all great stories are types of Christ, and all fall short of Christ.  Woefully short.  It may be a good story that I write; it may be an uplifting, compelling, even somewhat edifying read that I produce… but it is just a pale imitation of what could be read, what could be done.  The true story has already been written by the perfect author, and I know it.  

So, do I promote myself and ‘good’ on the justification that more good in the world can only lead to a better world?  And yet also know that all that ‘good’ that I am adding to, is simply more distraction from what is best?

With all we can do in this life, especially with our influence and technology today, do we really have time left over from what is ‘best’?   Is there time for anything else, or is there already too little time to complete even what is ‘best’ at this point?

…just a thought.


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  1. cnh Says:

    Every person probably has a different ‘best’ at any given moment, and the world need lots of new ‘goods’ to counterbalance the constantly replenishing ‘bads’. If we learn line upon line, then perhaps we progress good to better to best in a gradual upwards motion.
    As for your book, maybe the good it does you as you write and edit will be something that brings out the best in you and others.

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