It’s time.

When was the last time you thought?  Really thought; gave hours of concentrated, meaningful consideration devoted to one simple topic?  That indolent gray mass of semi-jelly nestled between your ears and covered by a helmet of bone, skin, and hair?  Yeah, that thing. When was the last time that muscle that’s not a muscle was given a true workout? How long since you used it, instead of it using you; using you for a chemical fix, one more hit of endorphins or tragedy or humor?  How long has it been since you stopped shoving “entertainment”, a meaningless parade of mental sedatives and pain killers, through your ears, eyes, and skin in an attempt to silence the screams and denials from ringing through your head? How long since you acted on your own instead of reacting to what others dictate, in the way they dictate?  Do you find yourself tormented and disgusted by the sedated whimpers that only leak through when the music, movies, and games stop?

Well, it’s time to think. A time that is long overdue. Time to listen to that gray mass, and possibly tell it off. Time to listen to those voices, those whispered pleas, and possibly shut them away forever. Time to use those ears and eyes for more than receiving entertainment and instructions.  Because it’s time to accept that eyes and ears, hearts and brains, hands and voices weren’t made to be chains the slave master bind you with, guides you with.  Unchain jiminy cricket and execute your personal demons for the treason they’ve been practicing.  You were made to discover, to understand, to search, to find, to hunt truth, and to expose lies.  

It’s time to live, not survive, to truly exist in the world, not be subsistence for it. You’ve been told what to think about, and how you are to think about it. Been told what to not think and told what thinking is not acceptable, and finally persuaded that thinking itself is wrong.  Do what you’re told.  Be outraged at this injustice, but ignore the rights you’ve sacrificed for a temporary cease-fire on your conscience; no one needs those anyway. Your hands are tied and you’ve been locked in a darkroom and told it is ‘liberty’. Your choices have been removed, for your own good. The work of your hands has been stolen in the name of governance, in the name of humanity, but day by day you see more people on the streets with vacant eyes.

It’s time to look through those empty eyes which have been filled with nothing.  Fantasy ‘reality TV’ robbed you of perspective with choreographed lives that no one lives. News spouts endless streams of another nation’s celebrities and royalty, of the ‘news’ on the ‘news’ on the ‘reality TV’ star, who isn’t, and never was a star, and how they are dressed in clothes no one affords, and shocking news of the arrest at the elementary where a 4th grader pointed a finger at a teacher.  (How. Dare. He.)

It’s time to hear the cries of the racism salesmen, the purveyors of manufactured rage, who convince you that color is something we need to pay more attention to but forget to tell you that as of this generation, ‘white’ is the minority. As if white and black, yellow and red and brown were actually colors and not simply an easy way to segregate ‘mankind’.

It’s time to think.  Time to see the chains as chains. Time to call the removal of your property as theft. Time to understand that freedom is more than the ability to choose, but also getting what we choose. Time to act, and not just react. Time to understand that freedom is something you have to constantly seize, that it can never be given to you. Time to understand that Freedom is owning those consequences, taking all responsibility. Time to stop demanding reparations for imagined wrongs. Time to discover the history that really exists, not what we’re told by others.  Time to fire the ‘experts’ who got us into this mess. Time to demand truth, and time to identify lies, especially the comfortable ones.  It is time to put away those pleasing lies you turn to like a warm blanket. Time to finally get rid of the government’s idea of ‘security’, because it’s like a hospital blanket that’s never really warm and doesn’t cover your feet or your chest at the same time no matter how you stretch it, and costs more than your house… and it’s still not yours. It’s time to question science, because that’s what science is about. It’s time to stop taking instructions from those who repeatedly change. It is time to tell those who demand other’s silence to be quiet. It is time to stop the name-calling, and it is time to listen more than we speak. It’s time we recognized that every right we demand from our neighbor is a right of our own we’ve given away.

It’s time to want truth, to want to be on the side of right, instead of wanting to be right. Time to want to help people, instead of wanting their stuff.  Time to want to help everyone instead of wanting to ensure you have more, no matter the lack.

It’s time to refuse help when it is not needed, and time to see that those allowing us our consequences, our freedom, are helping.  It is time to see that opportunity is aid, and not fake emotion wrapped in government checks. It’s time to stop living off of others and start living for others.  It’s time to stop complaining about or trying to control our neighbors, and time we talked to them. It’s time to let go of the pain and offer healing. It’s time we stopped opening our checkbooks instead of our hearts; time we offered our time, instead of superficial pity labeled ‘In God We Trust’.

It’s time to think.  Time to act. Far past time to realize that there is no ‘time’.  There is now.

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