Election? What election?

Being faced with the non-choice between two extremely similar and bankrupt candidates in the current election, I have found myself staring down the same talking points being spouted by both the rational, calm political evangelist and the spittle-flinging and red-faced blow-hard who is incredulous that I dare suggest not supporting the ‘lesser evil’. In the midst of this, I’m loosing interest in explaining my opinion and view, particularly to my former-fellow republicans who insist that we share the same values and morals.

If we do, I obviously value them more than ‘winning’.

I’ll not sport with you by even suggesting that our modern-day Jezebel is anything but the soul-sucking, demoralizing, unhung traitor who should be rotting in federal prison and awaiting trial. And of course I don’t support her. Stating that a vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for Hillary is so absurd it’s insulting.  What sane person accepts that? When looking at a menu with meals and 2 daily specials, the Cyanide spinach and soy glass shards, the waiter doesn’t tell you that you have to either have spinach or soy, and if you choose soy you might still get spinach… but if you order a hamburger, you automatically get the spinach, because everyone else in the restaurant is stupid.

In that situation, what do you do?  You do everything you can to not order, not pay, and by no means do you eat anything. If you are forced to make a choice, you choose a different meal on the menu in hopes that enough people are sane with you and choose something non-lethal.

Yeah, we’re at that point.  No, really. Clinton is suicide for the US. (Well… we’ve been killing ourselves for decades: go ahead, ask an average person in any major US city about the constitution, or about the rule of law, or ask them if the founding father’s actually believed in Christ.) But Trump isn’t really different where it counts.  I’m not talking about ‘jobs’ or the cost of healthcare; the US people can come back from all of that. I’m talking about the soul of America: the reason we’re the most charitable nation on earth, the reason we come out and help each other in times of need, the reason we used to hold our leaders accountable for immoral behavior, the reason we have compassion on others, and the reason we’re the only nation in the history of the world who came in and conquered nations in war, two world wars, and simply went back home without taking territory; the reason we’re ‘free’. Morals, values, self-restraint, belief in ourselves and the rule of law - that all men are created equal, our founding documents, Christ; that, and nothing but that, is what makes America great.

So, I won’t even discuss Jezebel. But because it is apparently required, let’s get to the gritty on Trump… and because there’s too much, I’ll only list the top 5 issues on my list:

First; no one is claiming Trump is a good option. They only claim that he’s not ‘as bad’ as Hillary. I’ve even heard that “Yes, he is bad, they all are; so what?” as though willingly swimming in sewage makes it somehow better. So, is he? We’ve known Donald for decades and he has decades of personality on record. Demeaned women? Yes. Lied? Yes. Supported democrats? Yes.Tax evasion? Yes. Uses government against people? Yes. Brash? Yes. Exploitive? Yes.  All documented. All undisputed. And all without a high government office as Jezebel has had. I’m unconvinced.

Second: Ah yes, the second. The Second Amendment: during the first debate he agreed with Hillary on restricting guns while claiming that the NRA was completely behind him. No difference there between them. I assume the NRA is in denial right now.  His ready agreement to remove rights from people who have never been accused, let alone gone to trial, for an uncommitted crime is completely against at 3 of the first 5 amendments. As a champion of the second amendment, he fails miserably.

Third; Trump has positioned himself as the special interest; he’s offensive. He’s offended almost all our allies, whole races, and even genders. It is so bad that they’ve threatened sitting politicians if they don’t get behind him. The US is not supposed to have an aristocracy or a king, but here we are. His, “my point of view or nothing” and “I and my people can do no wrong” behavior has alienated so much of the Republican base… more than the RNC has, which is saying something, that the party gave up on reconciliation and resorted to angry ad hominem attacks on their party base, attempting to bring them in line. But Donald has yet to even attempt unifying anything. (Ignoring that you did something wrong isn’t unifying.) If he doesn’t, then tell me: why should I vote for someone I know is going to ignore me and fail to represent me just as much as the opposition?

Fourth: I am tired of voting for evil. The Republican establishment crushed the grass-roots TEA party movement - which handed them victory in 2010 and 2012; they’ve proven how they treat anyone they disagree with. I bought the ‘lesser evil’ back in 2010 and 2012 in exchange for a few empty promises and hope, and… surprise! Evil. And those things they promised never happened. I cannot stand before my Savior and rationalize; I refuse to vote for evil. At some point, ‘lesser’ is still so bad you can’t conscience it; I have yet to find a substantive point or federal role in which I agree with, or want Trump to preside over. You want to talk about the Supreme Court… we’ll get to that later. Trust me. But now, tell me that you want Trump in charge of the nuclear button. Tell me that you want him in charge of economic warfare with China or Mexico, with unmanned drones, with the CIA, with the IRS, with… the world, really. Donald somehow doesn’t understand that, due to outsourcing, all our businesses have bases, factories, facilities in China, in Mexico, in the world.  Sure. Go to economic war with ourselves in order to save ourselves? How about diplomatic relations? Donald’s shown his ability to finesse a reluctant group with his own party’s base, right? It’s not like he’s got members of the RNC calling for him to step down mere weeks from the election, right?….Right?

Fifth: Supreme Court appointments are going to be done by either Hillary or Trump.  Now, tell me, after looking at Donald’s “all the best people” in his current organizations, do you trust his choice of character, do you think he’ll “make a deal”? His vaunted ‘possibles list’ was produced, and then dismissed by him within a few days of getting one endorsement or another. In other words: there are no guarantees - he’s proven he’ll say anything to get an endorsement or a vote. I have yet to see a substantial difference between what they’ll nominate, who - will be different, but what - I’m unconvinced; all we’ve had so far is platitudes. His positions on what the government’s role is would be deemed radically unconstitutional by any court nomination I’d favor. Donald has shown he works to destroy those who disagree with him, he doesn’t nominate them for high appointments.

Vote for the party? They have ignored the conservative base, broken their promises, rubber stamped Obama’s policies, and worked to destroy conservative movements which handed them victory, while repeatedly asking for money.  Tell me again how they are better than the Dems?

And to restate: Voting for a ‘third party candidate’ isn’t a vote for Hillary, it is a vote against both the DNC and the RNC.  No, I don’t want either to win, and I’m very aware of the possible consequences. I’ll let those willing to accept evil squabble over which one to swallow and cow-tow to. As for me, I’ll witness to my God that I do not accept this, and I trust Him to take care of the rest. Not voting for Trump is my statement to the RNC that morals count, that the constitution matters, that I’m not a slave, and, frankly, that they are not necessary or ‘too big to fail’ - as they’ve proved many times already. The two party system is not part of the constitution and the government functions just fine without it.

So, make the case again as to why I need to abandon my morals, my good sense, my rights, my support for the constitution, and my conscience to vote for something I know I don’t want and will destroy my home. But make the case fully knowing that I’m not voting for you and it’s not what you say, it’s what the candidate says, that counts. If you can quote him, go ahead. But remember that every quote from him/her matters, not just the ones you like. After all, it’s Donald’s place, and no one else, to convince me that he’s worthy of my vote.

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