CCW and Gun Control

I have heard a lot of talk lately about the expiration of the Brady bill as well as the Georgia State law allowing CCW (Conceal and Carry Weapons Permit) holders to carry their weapons into restaurants, on city transit, and in State Parks. Utah has similar laws that some educators are terrified about, allowing CCW permit holders to carry concealed weapons on state university campuses. (The Utah squabble is more over the rule of law than it is over guns. The University of Utah, Utah State University, and others, declared that they would ban all weapons on campus, even if State Law said they couldn’t. The Utah Supreme Court ruled that State law applied to any and every institution of higher learning that received public funding –go figure. I guess the State Universities are not above State law.)

The logic behind gun ‘control’ that I don’t understand, is why so many people find the thought of law abiding citizens carrying weapons for self defense so reprehensible. What is wrong with that? Are we so insecure with our own safety that we will deny the right of self defense to another citizen?

To obtain a CCW, a citizen must go through a background check, (and have a clean report), take a class and prove that they are aware of all firearm laws, demonstrate proficientcy in the use and care of a weapon, register with the police and have their fingerprints recorded, and pay a fee. Whenever they have an encounter with a Police Officer, they are supposed to immediately declare that they are CCW. The rules are different for every state, of course, but the fact remains that a CCW permit holder is actually held to a higher law, aka, more restricted, than the normal citizen – and they pay for that added restriction.

Let me get to the point; restricting CCW permit holders in a bid to ‘improve the safety’ of the general public is a farce. All you are doing is keeping the law abiding citizens from the right to defend themselves. People want to do this why? Because they think that it will keep anyone who is planning on breaking the law, or even inclined to break the law, from carrying a gun in public? The police carry guns in public all the time, should we remove their guns too?

If I am a criminal, or I don’t trust the government, or I feel that I need to take the law into my own hands, would the first thing that I do be to register with the police, get fingerprinted, register my weapon, take a class, then pay the several hundred dollars, (depending on state), to carry a weapon?

This illogical paranoia comes from the desperate hope that we can control the uncontrollable by restricting the controlled. All this will do is ensure that criminals will know that no law abiding citizen will be there to contend with them when they bring their unlicensed and unregistered weapon into public. Talk about empowering and emboldening the lawless.

Gun ‘control’; what a great idea.

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  1. SlipStream Says:

    “Those who give up freedom for security deserve neither security nor freedom.” ~Benjamin Franklin

    Need I say more?

  2. cnh Says:

    It’s been a while, Bitter man. No new rantings?

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