Super Villains Don’t Take Zoloft

Everyone needs minions, and we should take a simple queue from the comic world to find out that we should all surround ourselves with people who think that we are worthwhile, and take them at their word. I know society is much more complicated, (I have discussed many things with my sociology-major-brother), but it seems that social divisions, in general, are falling into three categories: those connected with reality, those who are disconnected with all reality but themselves, and those who hate and deny their own reality.

Teenage suicides are up, (preferred mode is hanging, apparently), emotional bankruptcy is rampant, and self-aggrandizing is growing even more ostentatious. What is going on? Well… there are some in the world who have taken the image and ideal of having minions way too far, and now are stuck in the world of head-bloating sycophantic minions and servile yes-men. There are also those who will reject anything that vindicates their existence, or accentuate any failure to the point that it invalidates any shred of self worth that still clings to them. All that is left are those who are grounded by reality, recognize self worth, and value and accept honest criticism as improvement, and humbly acknowledge compliments… but this ‘middle class’ is shrinking.
Honestly though, I can’t but help think that everyone needs some good minions, not sycophants, who give honest feedback; everyone needs someone to lead. My daughter is a good example of the perfect minion. She looks to me for leadership, knowledge, and protection. She has much to learn, but she also loves unconditionally. Whereas I don’t derive my self worth from my progeny, I can’t resist finding joy in the simple hugs, smiles, and general responsibility for my child. I know that she will be more than willing to tell me exactly what she thinks is wrong with me, (Dad, you didn’t give me enough fruit! Dad, you look ridiculous!), as well as laugh at my imperfections. And, hopefully, she will listen and obey my directions most, if not all, the time; the perfect minion. And who doesn’t need that at the end of every day?
There are those for which depression is real and is a serious physiological problem, and I am not trying to minimize this, but I think everyone could benefit from the perfect minion. I could probably use a few more.

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  1. Nikkdawg Says:

    Haha, the conjured image of hundreds of Sada-like minions swarming over your victims as you command the from behind is both adorable and shocking!

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